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Suppliers to get you started

Here is a list for you, which I struggle to keep updated, of various Suppliers that I’ve found to be reliable and good to deal with. So that you don't have to bookmark it, you can always find this link in The Basics, listed in the sidebar, or up at the top of the page in the tabs.  If you know of good ones that I've missed, please leave me a comment! 

Seed bead suppliers

Vintage bead suppliers

Czech glass bead suppliers

Gemstone bead suppliers

Swarovski crystal suppliers

Antique and trade bead suppliers

Full-service catalog suppliers

Venetian and Murano glass bead suppliers

Metal bead suppliers

Polymer, clay, and porcelain bead suppliers

Tagua nut beads

Weekly Coupons and Specials -

This is the brand of buckram that I use as a foundation for bead embroidery:

Unicorn Buckram

These are the two OTT Lights that I use:

OttLite LED Task Light- White

OTT-LITE TrueColor(TM) 18W Dover Floor Lamp


Shel said…
These are great - thanks so much for posting this list!
Great resource list. It helps to know what products the pros rely on, as well as to have it all in one place. Thank you, Cyndi!
Kristen said…
Thank you for this, I will definitely check out these suppliers. I have another good one for you (me!)