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Geometric bead embroidery

I wanted to try out something different with my bead embroidery, and so far I'm thinking it may have been a mistake!  Well, not exactly that it was a bad idea, just that it isn't something I'm enjoying doing as much as I thought I might.

You see, I was looking for something to work on that I didn't have to think about too much...maybe even something a little "color by the numbers"-ish.  I adapted a part of a design in one of the royalty-free Dover books and made a few copies to play with.  After a bit of coloring fun, I chose a color scheme and got down to work. 

Pattern traced onto buckram

Oh, the boredom of it all!  I thought I wanted something to do that would allow my mind to wander, but the repetition is making me nuts. 

I'm much further along than this image would suggest, but I'm still not sure if I'll ever finish it!  That's ok...maybe the style will appeal to someone else and you'll be inspired to make an amazing creation.  I can always hope!

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