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TAST week 9 - herringbone, chevron, detached chain, chain stitch, and couching stitch

I decided to allow myself to get behind when I went on vacation earlier this month, but I promised myself that I would catch up, and I (mostly) have!  It wasn't too difficult since I'm only doing a small sample of each stitch on my manipulated fabric Take a Stitch Tuesday quilt.

So I had to catch up with herringbone stitch, which I'd already stitched but didn't have time to post about:

Then I added some chevron stitch along with detached chain stitch.  Chevron isn't very different in feel from herringbone, feather, and cretan, with the back and forth swinging motion of your needle.  However, it's much more precise, even when I tried to make it a bit wonky:

Next, very near the line of herringbone stitch, I added a broken line of chain stitch peeking in and out of one of the fabric ruffles:

Finally, the stitch that was featured this week, couching stitch.  I used a long strand of fuzzy green yarn that was wrapped with white eyelash yarn and couched it around one of my circular forms on the quilt.  You can only see a small piece of it in this shot:

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Robbie said…
Really nice!!! I have to go back and look at previous post(s)...I can't remember what the beige background is you're attaching the piece to???
Thanks for reminding us of these stitches! how easily we forget to use them!
This quilt is looking gorgeous! The fabrics and colours are ethereal, and your stitching is really lovely. Beautiful!
crazyQstitcher said…
Lovely examples and so delicate in colour
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! Robbie, the background is a piece of batting that I painted and have left sticking out all around the manipulated fabric quilt top. I'll trim it after I've added all the stitching :-)