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How to wire up a button for a charm holder - reader question

Becky asked me a question today through my contact form, but didn't leave an email for me to reach her.  Becky, I hope you see this post!
Hi! On April 21st you had a photo of the large button charm holder attached to a beaded necklace. How did you attach it? By the way, it is a great idea! i am asking because I have a large button that I wish to add to different pearl necklaces for decoration and wonder what I can place on the button shank in order to do this and still be able to take it off an on.. Any ideas?

I actually posted a tutorial for that piece a few weeks later, but unfortunately, the wire design that I came up with is not removable.  You can see the Button and Wire Charm Necklace tutorial for ideas, and maybe if you create larger loops for the bail, or twist them into hooks instead of loops, the piece will be able to slide on and off different necklaces.

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