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Seed bead necklace

Inspired by a cute little beadweaving pattern in the Dec 11/Jan 12 issue of Beadwork, I stitched up this seed bead necklace in no time.  I recommend that you get this copy of Beadwork to read Phyllis Dintenfass's article "Sea Horse Earrings" (page 66) for the basic instructions.  I made some changes to the pattern, adding more bead units (15 instead of 12) to each arch in order to have a slightly more pronounced curve.

Besides seed beads in sizes 11/0 and 8/0, you'll need some larger beads for the embellishment along the curves and for the cross-pieces which hold the curve more firmly together.  I also added 2 hammered oval links and an S-hook for a closure (not shown).

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H.T. said…
It's fine.Very simple
Wow Cyndi, I really like the necklace. I was not that big of a fan of the earrings, but as a necklace it rocks.