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Bead Journal Project: February 2014

Well, I didn't manage to completely finish my Bead Journal Project piece for February, but since my goal is to make larger pieces for it this year, I'm not really concerned about churning out one each month.  What I really want to do is to explore some of the possibilities of mixing the stitches that I wrote about in my e-book Bored By Back Stitch.  Each of the necklace components shown above use at least two (most use three or more) of the beadweaving stitches that I adapted for bead embroidery.  I'm enjoying experimenting with putting them together in different combinations: African helix with chevron, Russian spiral with herringbone, right angle weave with peyote...on and on we go!  Back stitch and stack stitch appear too, of course, along with edging brick stitch, which I use to attach the fabric backing to each piece. 


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Unknown said…
Beautiful project!
sheilaposter said…
this is just what i need. I too have been wondering about incorporating bead weaving stitches into bead embroidery. glad i happened across your blog
ACBeads said…
It looks great.
Liz said…
Boy, that's going to be a real show piece! Carry on and please post again when it's finished, I can't want to see it again. Love the colors!
Sarah Sequins said…
Oh wow!! Those are some seriously gorgeous components. I can see they're going to make an incredible necklace.
Oh my, you're really going to be challenged t keep up with such a large piece. It's gorgeous!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! Eileen, I'm not worried about keeping up this year. If I finish a big piece in a month, great, but each one is going to be experimental, so 6 to 8 pieces would be fine with me :-)