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The best books on fiber and fabric beading

Most bead embroidery is stitched onto fabric of some sort, even if it's only interfacing, so I decided to steer away from that topic for this list.  Instead, you'll find books in which the fabrics and fibers take a more active role!

Visual Guide to Art Quilting by Lindsay Conner

Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam by Valerie Bothell

Micro-Macrame Jewelry by Kelsy Eason

The Embroidery Book by Christen Brown

Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making by Csilla Papp

Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified by Rebecca Ann Combs

DIY Wrap Bracelets by Keiko Sakamoto

Fiber & Cord Jewelry by Ashley Bunting

Bead Crochet Basics by Candice Sexton

Micro-Macrame Basics and Beyond by Raquel Cruz

Beautiful Leather Jewelry by Melissa Cable

Kumihimo Basics and Beyond by Rebecca Ann Combs

Soutache by Anneta Valious

Sweet and Simple Jewelry by Aimee Ray

Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art by C June Barnes

The Beaded Edge by Nidori Nishida

Tapestry Bead Crochet by Ann Benson

Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewellery by Suzen Millodot

Felt, Fabric, and Fiber Jewelry by Sherri Haab

Fabulous Fabric Beads by Kristal Wick

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