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The best books on making beads

Do you want to make beads from one medium or from many?  Here are the best books in each category to help you learn to make the beads of your dreams!

The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking by Kimberley Adams

Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri Warhaftig

Making Metal Beads by Pauline Warg

Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn

Polymer Clay Beads by Grant Diffendaffer

Ancient Modern Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry by Ronna Sarvas Weltman

Ceramic Bead Jewelry by Jennifer Heynen

Fabulous Fabric Beads by Kristal Wick

The Art of Metal Clay by Sherri Haab

Metal Clay Beads by Barbara Becker Simon

Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads by Linda Kaye-Moses

Creating Extraordinary Beads from Ordinary Material by Tina Casey