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Bead making tutorials

Here are some tutorials that will help you get started in the limitless art of bead making.  The first group are written by other artists, and since I don't enjoy reinventing the wheel, I'm sending you straight to the experts!  The second group are tutorials that I have written over the years that explore some simple ways to make your own beads in various media.

Resources from elsewhere:

An excellently photographed introduction to the steps involved in making lampworked beads.

Polymer Clay Central
Lessons, projects, and instructions from some of the finest polymer artists, all gathered in one place.

The Polymer Clayspot
Frequently asked questions about what it is and how to use it.

Wig Jig Wire Beads
A few lessons and many supplies for making twisted wire beads.

Metal Clay Academy
Everything you'll need to know.

All Things Metal Clay
More resources than you'll ever have time to read through!

Beads of Clay
Celebrating the world of ceramic bead artists. Artists working together to promote the art form.

Ceramic Bead Artists
Tutorials for both the beginner and the more experienced artist.

My tutorials:

How to make Pandora style beads with resin (guest post)

Lampwork bead tutorials

Dutch spiral

Cellini spiral beaded beads

Brick stitch beads

Peyote stitching a simple beaded bead

Making a two-drop peyote stitched bead

Making a beaded bauble

My favorite styles of lampwork glass beads to make

A mixed media Chinese fortune beads

Copper tube beads with patina

Roll-up fabric beads and wire beads

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