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Fiber and fabric beading artist profiles

Wow!  I didn't even realize how many wonderful artists we have met over the years who work with fabric and fibers along with their beads!  This is a pretty impressive list:

Kydo Jewellery

Marina Rybak

Sarah Sequins

Joan Babcock

Dunitz & Company

Robbie Payne

Claudia Chase

Tina Wick

Benjamin John Coleman

Sherri Stokey

Tatyana Fedorikhina

Laura West Kong

Marilyn Goodman

Love Heals

Jorie Johnson

One World Projects

The Leakey Collection

Leonor Pisano

Lena Phoenix

Rebecca Brown

Tina Koyama

Annika deGroot

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BluMoon said…
Hi Cyndi, thanks so much for giving me a mention in your post. I think I will just go and take a look at what some of the other artists are doing it will be interesting to see their work.