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Fiber and fabric beading tutorials

Twisted ribbon necklace

In some of these projects, fiber or fabric is the main component, while in others it serves as a strap or a backdrop.  Not all of the tutorials are for jewelry either...

Crocodile stitch hat and gloves

Honeycomb stitch scarf

Crocheted scarves

Freeform crochet samples (no beads used)
More...part two  And part three

Sandcast beads Boho necklace

Freshwater pearls stitched bracelet

A crocheted bead bracelet for summer

A Shamballa bracelet with larger beads

Leather bracelet with oval links

Turquoise bead embroidered soft cuff bracelet

Mini-Shamballa bracelets

Shamballa bracelets with ribbon and cupchain

Beaded wrap bracelets

3D pyramid form

3D orb form

Spring ribbon necklace with beaded beads

3D crescent form

Boot toppers

3D circle form

Pretty As You Please bracelet

Metal mesh bead embroidered necklace

Twisted ribbon necklace

Shibori silk wild rose necklace

Making shibori flowers and leaves

Double-wrapped ribbon bracelet

Wrap beaded bracelets

Shibori silk flowers and beads

Bead yourself a happy bracelet

Necklace with soutache braid trim

Soutache experiments

Autumn Woods

A twisted peyote spiral necklace

Bead embroidered cuff bracelet

How to make beaded buttons

In Winter, My Garden Dreams

A brass wire flower necklace

Beaded turtles

Beaded turtles, an update

A sequined and beaded quilt

My TAST quilt

Drum Beat

Fibers, Fabrics, and Beads

Ethiopian Crosses necklace

Glass pendant 

Fishing for Trout necklace

Tape measure bracelet

Bead embroidered heritage necklace

Reworked earrings and bracelet

Sunlit Seas necklace

Fun in the Sun necklace

Copper bead necklace

Fashionable tassels necklace

Crocheted bead bracelets

Aegean Seas

Crocheted fiber-wrap necklace

V-pendant necklace

Finger-woven resin necklace

Knotted turquoise necklace

Ribbon cuff bracelet

Wire and ribbon necklace

Wild caterpillar bracelet

Sublime Spring bracelet

Fabric flower necklace

Fabric flower necklace with zing

Wool roving necklace

Turquoise finger-woven necklace

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I could not sleep, and I very much enjoyed looking at your inspiring links.