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Art quilt tutorials

I post all of my quilts on Mixed Media Artist, but there are also people here at Beading Arts who love to quilt.  Besides tutorials for my previously made quilts, you will also find loads of tutorials there on fabric painting, doing image transfers, and other topics that could cross-pollinate with your jewelry making and beading.

Since you'll be seeing more fabric and fiber arts here than in some previous years, I thought I'd better add an archived list of tutorials that you can find easily.  This post will be linked in the Tutorials tab at the top of this blog so that you can find it easily.

Some of these quilt tutorials include beading, but some do not.  You are always welcome to add beads if you want!

Small tree quilt

Faux patchwork crazy quilt block

30-Second Hot Flashes

Spring Returns to the Land

A beginner's crazy quilt block

Geometric beaded quilt

Infinite Love beaded quilt

Beaded turtles (update)

Rising Mist quilt

Glacier Bay quilt

Sepia photo quilt

Chickadee collage-quilt

Machine sewn lap quilt

Alaska quilt

Vulture quilt - Downdraft

Orbital Flow

My TAST 2012 quilt

Kīlauea quilt 

Sequined quilt

Felt flowers

Lava quilt

Black felt quilt

Lost In Thought

Manipulated fabric for texture in quilting

Marbled fabric quilt - Falling From a Blue Sky

Painted silk quilt - At First Light

Painted silk quilt - As Daylight Fades

Bird post card quilt

Reverse applique quilt

Margaret - a combination collage and quilt

Fall Migration quilt

Felted fabric technique

Woven fabric background

Making an applique quilt

A small mixed media quilted collage

Small mixed media quilt with image transfer 

Another fabric art quilt

Making a rusted fabric art quilt

Small art quilt with fish

Paper quilting


I like that you have combined the two blogs. I don't do mixed media, but love to see your projects and it's so much easier if they are all in one place. Simplify your life!!
xx, Carol
Cyndi L said…
Well, I haven't combined them completely, but I think it's a good start ;-) Thank you, Carol!