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Two of my e-book chapters will be free in 2016

I have tried very hard to make sure my e-books would be inexpensive enough that almost anyone could afford them.  I have also taken the unconventional step of publishing them a chapter at a time, so that 1) you wouldn't have to wait until I finished the whole thing, and 2) you could pick and choose which ones interested you.
Now I'm going to try another unconventional experiment:

New for 2016!! Chapter 3 of Bored By Back Stitch and Chapter 4 of Some Assembly Required will be free with the purchase of the earlier chapters of that book, even if you don't buy them at the same time. Upon confirming your purchase, I will email the final chapter to you at no extra cost! Ok, the last chapter won't be an instantaneous download like the others, but I promise to send it to you just as quickly as I can :-)

So if you've been thinking about picking up either of these e-books, now is the time!

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Robbie said…
I hope folks take advantage of your 'offer'....I reference your ebooks from time to time, if just for inspiration on an art quilt! You give me ideas all the time! HA
Cyndi L said…
That is very very kind of you, Robbie! I know your work, and I know that you don't need anyone else's have a beautiful creative soul :-)