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Book review: Learn to Make Bead Jewelry

Is it your New Year's resolution to learn to work with beads?  If so, then this brand new book published by Kalmbach is just what you need!  Learn to Make Bead Jewelry, by Lynn Davy, is an exciting and beautiful addition to a beginner's library.

Lynn divides her projects by color palette, and moves from easier to more challenging pieces as you progress through the book.  But that doesn't mean you have to do all the projects in order, or that you have to use the exact colors she suggests either.  Oh heck no!  Lynn is all about encouraging you to throw in a twist or take the next step towards personalizing your work.

The color palettes are lovely, not based upon one color, but on mixes that evoke the feel of the ocean, beach, meadow, woodland, forest, mountains, or volcanoes.  Pretty cool, huh?  Here are some examples:

Kalmbach books are well-known for excellent photos and step-by-step instructions, tested projects, and handy basics information.  This list is placed right up front, so that after you've looked it over, you can dive right into any projects that you wish and just refer back to the pertinent section if needed.  Stringing and basic wirework have rarely come together in a better collection of beginner projects!

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