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Spark plugs, quilts, and I'm drowning in "stuff"!

Working on right now...a beaded and
embroidered landscape quilt

This post could also be titled "What's up for 2016"!  Each year I like to take some time over the week between Christmas and New Year's in order to take stock, reassess, and ask myself where I want to go this next year.  You could call them New Year's resolutions for my online world if you'd like :-)

Also working on...beaded spark plugs!
This year was no different.  If anything, there will actually be more changes made than usual, but most of them probably won't affect you as much as they will me.  After careful (and sometimes tearful) consideration, I've decided to pull the plug on my regular websites (Mazel Tov! Jewelry, Wildest Dreams Designs, and Why Not Art?).  Visitors to those sites will be funneled to either Beading Arts or Mixed Media Artist, my blogs.  The second part of this process will be figuring out how to fold the sales portion of my business into these blogs without interfering with their primary function, which is to share my passions and educate.  I'll figure it out, but it may be painful too, because...

I'm drowning in stuff!  My studio is full, My storage drawers are stuffed.  I cannot think about what project is next when there is so so so much clutter in my life.  I like a nice clear table, but that hasn't happened in two years.  Enough!  I need to get rid of finished pieces, supplies that I know I'm not going to use anymore, etc etc etc.  So, while I'm stumbling about trying to figure it all out, let me know privately if there are any finished pieces from past tutorials that you'd like to get your hands on (tutorials), because I am serious about this!  Leave a comment with your email in it...I've got moderation on, so your email won't go public.

Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you've got some great art goals for yourselves this year!

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Robbie said…
Well, I've been following you for quite sometime now and happy you are keep the Beading Arts blog!!! You are generous sharing so much with us. We all need to 'clean up' from time to time! Best to you in 2016!! I'd have to think about the tutorial offer! HA
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Robbie! Change is difficult, even when we decide to do it ourselves. Don't know what I'd do without Beading Arts to write!
Pamelarose said…
Dear Cyndi, I would love any of your bead embroidery pieces.You are the one that got me started in that medium. I purchased your e-books and they were so helpful and easy to understand. You are a great teacher. I really like the beaded spark plug. How original! Thanks,Pamela Rose
P.S. keep up your art you are an inspiration
Cyndi L said…
That is so sweet of you! I'm delighted to hear that you've been enjoying your own adventure into crazyland...I mean, bead embroidery!! I'll be working up a tutorial for the spark plugs soon :-)
Pamelarose said…
Thanks Cyndi, I can't wait! I will have to go raid my husband's garage.
I have a tee shirt that says, "Keep moving forward. Never look back." Wish I could send it to you to inspire as you clean out all the stuff. I'm so glad you're keeping your blogs.

My mantra for 2016 is, "First things first." I hope to allow myself to have more fun and let some of the "shoulds" and "must dos" come after.