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Carnival of the Creators #10

My friend Bobbi, a mixed media artist and an author, is hosting this month's edition of the Carnival of Creators. I enjoyed going through the links that she compiled ~ there were some blogs that were totally new to me. Check it out!

I've taken a week's detour into the realm of website upgrade. That's why there's no new handmade beaded jewelry for me to share with you :-( You know how it is ~ once you get started on a project like this, you want to get it all done as quickly as possible, especially when you're changing typeface and stuff like that! Don't you just hate it when half your pages are still the old style? I've kept my navigation system pretty much the same, but all the "guts" of my pages have been revamped too, in order to pay attention to...the dreaded "search engine optimization."

Oh yuck! It's not nearly as much fun as making stuff :-)

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