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"Champagne Bubbles"

handmade beaded necklace
This piece used to be a vintage plastic necklace, the kind with an aurora borealis finish to the beads! The color shift on the champagne-colored beads is fantastic, and I paired them with some marvelous Czech crystals.

The inspiration for this piece came from a design that Katie Hacker made, which is now being used by Beadalon for their print ads. Katie wrote up the directions for the Beadalon site, but I didn't find them until after I had made my piece. So, mine is constructed somewhat differently (which is as it should be, really!), with the small pieces of wire going through the beads on the strands instead of looping around the strand. OK, that's kind of confusing ~ it's really easier to see than it is to explain, so just look at our two designs and take your choice of techniques if you want to make your own!

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