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Guatemala-Boy is home!

Nate has been in Guatemala for a year now. We picked him up at the airport last night/early this morning. His plane was supposed to get in just after midnight, but they ended up having to wait for an international flight to get into Georgia, and it was slightly delayed. Since there were three soldiers returning from Iraq on that flight, no one minded! We didn't get home until 3:15 am this morning, but Nate and I stayed up until 4 am talking. I'm pretty much trash now, but I don't care!! Nate is home for a three week furlough, and I'm so happy :-)

Hugo and Nate teach the boys how to act like monkeys

Some of the girls pick wildflowers with Tina

There is a family here in the United States that is adopting all five of these siblings. All five! What amazing love that is.