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I'm really liking...

...Kathy Sierra's newest post on her blog, Creating Passionate Users

Here's an intro, and then I'll tell you why I like it so much ~

"'Professionals' in any field come in two flavors: Knowledge Sharers and Knowledge Hoarders. The hoarders believe in the value of their "Intellectual Property"(IP). The products of their mind must be carefully guarded lest anyone steal their precious ideas. But let's face it--if our only "strategic advantage" is our ideas, we're probably screwed....Yes, there are some crucial exceptions, but for most of us, It's our implementation, not our idea that matters. Even those who create something revolutionary are still synthesizing... still drawing on the work of others, and making a creative leap."

This really struck a chord with me. I'm often asked why I make all the tutorials available, why I tell people how to make some of the things I make...aren't I worried that someone might COPY me?

Well, no.

I am not advocating copying other people's work bead for bead and calling it our own design, or even worse, selling it as our own design. But let's face it ladies and gentlemen...there are only so many things that one can do with beads and a string! Many times I've seen similar designs cropping up in different magazines by different authors. That does not mean that one copied the other (especially when you take into account what a long lead-time many magazines have). Whether I put tutorials out there or not, I am always running the risk that someone might decide to actually copy my designs rather than just be inspired by them.

Shame on them.

But, eat my dust if you do decide to copy me, because I'm moving on!

One of the reasons that I will continue to post tutorials and write articles until no one seems to care anymore is that sharing is central to my personal code. Fear of sharing says that if I help you, I might diminish my own share. What nonsense ~ share of what, exactly? There is more than enough in the world to go around. I don't have any earth-shattering new tricks that I've thought up. I've learned from many other sources, and it gives me pleasure to pass it on. Although I would never knowingly pass on someone else's proprietary technique (you can jolly well buy their book or take their class and give the money to them!), there is nothing proprietary about the basic stitches and stringing.

And the few measly little innovations that I've managed to come up with? You're welcome to them. Let's see what becomes of them in your hands :-)

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Anonymous said…
i couldn't agree with u more. m very much inspired by ur work, by the way. thanks for sharing :)
Anonymous said…
Here, here! Well put. I think there is way too much concern about who made what first sometimes. I actually had someone email me the other day about a project I'd posted that was similar to something she was already making and she was concerned that she may be considered infringing on *my* copyright. Like you said, there's only so many ways to string beads.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for coming up with this post. I totally agree with you, sharing is always a better option because it continues on the legacy of beading. If we don't show our work and teach a bit of tecniques, then how will beading flourish. So, kudos to you for your beautiful pieces and concern for beading.