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Book review: Sculptural Metal Clay

Oh. My. Goodness.

Kate McKinnon is a master of form and a delight to read.  Her new book, Sculptural Metal Clay, even comes with a DVD so that you can have Kate guide you through her amazing techniques almost as if she were right there with you!  

This book begins with an overview of the properties of metal clay and the basic techniques which will be used in her projects.  All of the basics are shown in great detail so you will have a great foundation once you've worked your way through this section.  The projects include wonderful sculptural rings, pendants and chains.  I'd say the overall feel of the book is aimed at the advanced beginner through intermediates, but a determined beginner will find a lot to like here too.   

Always on top of safety issues, Kate points out that fine silver has fewer toxic qualities than sterling silver in just about every stage of working with it.  Still, there are important safety concerns that she covers because she wants us all to live long long lives of creativity.   Many times I find myself saying "yeah, yeah" when it comes to these issues, but Kate weaves them throughout her text in a way that really got me to consider my own practices.  

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Sterling silver risks? Ummm, could you elucidate in a future post? I had no idea.
Cyndi L said…
Yup, but since I haven't fully studied the issue like Kate has, I would suggest looking at this page: