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Seed bead artist: Betsy Youngquist

There’s a lot to love on Betsy Youngquist’s site! I really love her older beaded paintings, but it’s her beaded objects like the ones below that totally blow me away! Not surprisingly, Betsy’s work has been featured in many books and beadwork magazines. Most of her very newest work features doll heads. She is an artist who is always growing, changing, and pushing herself to raise the bar!

And talk about prolific! My goodness.

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Casey Sharpe said…
Amazing- you know those took serious patience! Thanks for sharing. Any idea what she uses for the underlying support?
Cyndi L said…
No, I don't know what she uses. My daughter builds resin sculptures, and she will use anything as an armature...soda bottles, cardboard, lots of foam.
LissC said…
Wow. These are beautiful! I would just love to do a sculpture with beads. Thanks for the sharing the pics.