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Traffic traffic, who's got the traffic?

If you sell your jewelry online, hopefully you know that good traffic flow is a must. Let me repeat that: Good. Traffic Flow. A Must.

If you don't have Good traffic flow, you will not have sales. What constitutes good traffic flow? Visits by people who are looking to buy what you're selling. Not visits by other artists who are looking for ideas or bored trolls who are looking for places to leave nasty comments.

So what are you selling? Specifically, what are you selling? Are you selling simple inexpensive pendants for teens? Upscale precious metal pieces with set stones? Are you perhaps selling lessons and patterns instead of finished pieces? Or maybe you are selling supplies, like your own lampworked glass beads for other artists to use in their designs. You need to be very clear about exactly what you are selling and what your best market is before you spend a lot of time (or any amount of money!) targeting those people.

After you figure out what your specific niche is, here is a brilliant post by Darren Rowse of Problogger that you should read on some different approaches to generating traffic to your blog. Darren has lots of other good information on traffic generation, and you can find a selection of those posts linked at the bottom of the article above.

Robyn-Dale Samuda of BloggingPro also has a great post on generating "massive" amounts of traffic to your blog.  Many of the tips will work equally well for generating traffic to your selling site ;-)

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Great link. Great Advice. I now follow both of Darren's blogs - thanks to you!