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Helpful bead and wire charts from SoftFlex

Don't we just love charts around here?  Well, the fabulous Sara Hardin has posted two charts that you will most definitely want to see.  The first is a Beading Wire Comparison Chart, which lists all the variations of SoftFlex along with diameter, number of strands, test strength, best uses, and crimp size needed. 

Ok, so that's not enough for you?  Wait, there's more :-)

There's a second chart which tells you how many strands of wire at each diameter can pass through a bead of a given size.  For example, the medium diameter wire ( 0.019") will fit four times through a size 8/0 seed bead.  Sometimes you really need to know these things before you start creating your design.  See the Seed Beads vs Beading Wire Diameters Chart for this info. 

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Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing and for calling me fabulous. :)
Cyndi L said…
Thank you for such useful information :-)
Shai Williams said…
Those are some great charts! Yesterday I spent 30 minutes trying different diameters to see what would fit a briolette.