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Hobbypreneur: Carol DeLater

On June 1, I gave a shout for hobbypreneurs to share their story!   Carol DeLater took up the challenge :-)

Hobbypreneur: Carol DeLater
Blog: Beads and Birds

My entry into the world of Hobbypreneur started early. Though I am 58 now, I sold my first hand made item when I was in 8th grade. I found the instructions of how to make yarn pom poms and tie them onto a formed coat hanger. The end result was a poodle dog. I showed them around and several people wanted a matching pair. Back then, people used to put cute things on the board between the back seat and back window. I charged $3 per dog. My sister took a pair to work and I had enough orders to keep me busy for a long time. I got the bug. That was just the start of selling yarn octopus, purses and anything else I could come up with over the years.

Sometime in the 80s a bead shop opened on Mishawaka Ave, in South Bend Indiana. That is where I had my first stringing lesson and also discovered clay beads. I studied clay creations, found friendly plastic and hooked up with other "crafters". I entered juried craft shows and did quite well for several years.

After tiring of anticipating what the next fad will be, I now create for myself, gifts and donations for fund raising. My biggest thrill is creating a OOAK gift for someone special and have their friends drool over it knowing they will never have one like it. I think I have an evil streak....muahaaaaaaaw!

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Anonymous said…
Carol does not have an evil bone in her body despite what she says. She makes wonderful presents and shares constantly. A great friend to all.