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Celebrity “designers”

I've noticed several articles, both in print and online, that have been bashing the so-called celebrity designers. I'm not talking about designs that arise from famous fashion houses, but entire lines that some celebrity has "created" for (Walmart, Target, KMart, fill in the blank). Whether they are supposedly creating perfume, fashion, or jewelry, do any of us really truly believe that they are doing much more than lending their names to a line? At best, perhaps, they really do like the pieces that wear their names. At worst...well, let's not even go there.

I don't know whether it bothers you or not to see celebrity jewelry "designers" cropping up all over the place. I can tell you that Abe Gurko is definitely bothered. He calls them the "tabloid sweeties" who are here to muck things up! Great line, wish I'd thought of it. " you think Alicia Keys, between amazing albums and looking stunning, took a silversmith class and hammers every little piece by hand when she is not practicing the piano?" No Abe, I'm with you...I think not.

Rod Stafford Hagwood is equally witty and cutting: "One of the more disturbing things to come about this decade (and this century) has got to be how anyone - and I mean anyone - can call themselves a "designer" without even knowing how to sew on a button on or sketch a stick man. Masseurs have more oversight. Nail technicians have more training. All you seem to need these days is fame....and not a great deal of that either." Rod is need to read his entire piece.

What to do about it? Absolutely nothing! Just be amused, practice your skills, and wear the title "designer" with pride.

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Ya know, when the new decade began, did a retrospective look at the "Worst Fashion Trends of the '00s".

That’s pronounced “aughties”, in case you haven’t checked your Urban Dictionary lately. lol.

Guess what? Celebrity Designers was #! on the list. So you guys aren't the only ones who thinks it's absurd.
Bobbie Pene said…
I totally agree. I have spent hours and hours practicing my jewellery making skills, and can't see how simply putting your name to a piece can make you a "designer". They could call themselves a labeler - but even then it would be someone else putting the label on the item. No they should be called namers not designers. I am a designer because I actually create my pieces in my head, then create them with my own two hands.
Cyndi L said…
"Labelers" or "Namers"! I love that, Bobbie :-)