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Do You Tweet Your Jewelry?

If you've got your own jewelry or beading business, you've probably felt the pressure to get in on some of the social media networks. We know that sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used to promote your work and can help you with increased sales and recognition.

They can also be an enormous time suck.

To make sure that your tweeting time is productive, Donna Scott on OnlineCollege has written an article called 100 Twitter Tips and Tools to Stay on Top of Your Field.

Nicolette Tallmadge has a audio program on BlogTalkRadio that covers Social Networking Tips for Artists too.

And Natasha Wescoat wrote Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists for Mashable.  

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Bobbie Pene said…
My Twitter account is a passive account. I have it linked to my facebook page and anything I post on facebook gets tweeted automatically. This is a huge time saver, and my Twitter followers increase each week. The good thing is I post all sorts on my facebook page so my Twitter followers get a range of tweet topics.
Cyndi L said…
That's a good idea and definitely can help cut down on the time suck aspect of social media, Bobbie! Thanks for the tips :-)