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Knotting a continuous necklace

The following instructions are for knotting a continuous necklace that doesn't have a clasp. 

1. I usually pull out five times the length of silk thread that I expect my finished piece to be.  Thread a twisted wire needle and double your thread. 

2. Double knot the ends about 5 inches from the end of the threads.  String on all the beads.  Leave the needle on. 

3. Pushing all the beads back towards the needle end to create enough room for knotting, begin to knot overhand knots between the beads.  Leave the first two or three beads unknotted: they will be knotted at the very end.  Push the beads up towards the knotted ends of the thread one at a time (or in clusters) and tie overhand, using a pair of tweezers to push the knot up tight against the beads.

4. When you get to the end leave the last two beads unknotted.  Using the needle, go through the first unknotted bead at the beginning of the strand, creating a closed loop.  Knot that bead using the threads on the needle.  Knot the other bead(s) that you left unknotted in step 3.  Glue the last knot or two and clip the threads when dry.

5. Use a twisted wire needle to thread the 5 inch tails that you left in step 2. Go through the last beads that you left unknotted and knot them as in step 4.  Finish the strand by gluing the last knot and clipping the threads when dry.        

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