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How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to blogs?  I'll bet you do, and I'll double-dog-bet that some of the things you hate are the same as the things I hate!  How about keyword stuffing?  That's when the content is basically written in order to include as many keywords as possible so that the blog will score well with google's search engine.  It's an unfortunate by-product of bloggers learning about search engine optimization.  It makes the text pretty much unreadable, but hey!  it scores well.  Maybe.

I also hate difficult colors, music, flashing things, and pop-up ads.  How about you?  What do you hate?

Susan Gunelius, of BloggingPro has a great post on the things that she hates.  Check it out!  Check out the rest of the blog's full of good advice.

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Robbie said…
Geezz I never heard of keyword stuffing! Who knew!!! I write my blog for family and friends and any strangers that might be bored waiting for their emails to download so they blog surf! Who cares where my blog falls..I honestly never thought of it! But then I live in a cave! HA Thanks for the post.
Cyndi L said…
Now that you have heard of it, you'll definitely recognize it when you see it. The writing is very stilted and basically says nothing. It's just a collection of important key words to get a good google rating. Most of the time, it's not really the topic that the "author" is interested in, but rather they are hoping to attract lots of traffic which will then click on their ads! I have nothing against using keywords appropriately, or against ads. But the content should be of some value, don't you think?
Terry Pugh said…
Good points, Cyndi.
I don't care for those fonts that are too hard to read. Either too small, or get lost in the backgrounds, Or just too much going on. Where I feel physically exhausted just after 60 seconds. hehe
Sometimes, less is more. :)

Cyndi L said…
I hate to admit how enamored of fancy fonts I used to be... :-/