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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tagua beads from EcuadorianHands

Tagua (aka exotic ivory) only exists in Ecuador, so I'm told. As a renewable resource, using carved tagua nuts helps to protect the rain forest. And now there is a site that not only sells the beads, but also provides instructional videos on projects to use them in: EcuadorianHands. I thought this would be a good site to share with you during "Stringing Month" here on Beading Arts...a new material to make your designs sing!

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frazzledsugarplummum said...

Oh WOW these are marvellous.

EcuadorianHands.com said...

Hello friends, please check this giveaway out!

EcuadorianHands.com is proud to feature your artwork, and we invite you to submit images of your favorite projects to the Customer gallery section and participate in our monthly draft. You can win packages of tagua beads and coconut beads to incentive your creativity and environmental awareness using ecofriendly beads. Here’s how you can be included:


EcuadorianHands.com said...

Our catalog tagua beads 2011 is ready. new models, over 300 tagua beads, 23 colors available. Check it out here


Lowest prices delivered to your door! Guaranteed!

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