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Fun in the Sun necklace

Fun in the Sun for sale at this link

Fun in the Sun was created in a way very similar to Sunlit Seas that I showed you last week.  Basically you will use the same instructions, but you'll notice that the clasp area is different.  Here's how I finished the necklace off.

1. Take two pieces of 20 gauge wire, each 4 inches long, and turn a simple loop on one end of each with round nose pliers.

2. Gather up all the strands of C-Lon fiber and tie them through the wire loop.  Glue the knot and clip the ends when dry.

3. Insert the wire ends through metal cones.  Slip a bead or two over the wire ends and create a wrapped loop around a hook-style clasp and loop.  

[editor's note: There is a more complete tutorial in an earlier post that I had forgotten I wrote!]

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Shai Williams said…
With all the snow on the ground, this necklace just looks fun to wear. Thanks for sharing!
Cyndi L said…
We've got it in the near forecast but none on the ground yet, Shaiha. I always go for "hotter" colors when the skies get gloomy :-)