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Bead Journal Project: June and July

June Bead Journal Project piece
July Bead Journal Project piece

Yay!!  I am officially caught back up!  Will I stay caught up?  Dunno.

June is a mix of matte and shiny beads, in a little softer color than July.  I always associate blues and deep purples with the summer months, and this year June really was kind of soft, with summer slow to get started.  But once July got here...bang!

Since the watch face for July didn't have any kind of frame that I could stitch down, I embedded it in a bottle cap.  First I punctured two very small holes in the bottom of the cap and stitched it to the fabric backing.  Then I added some two-part epoxy resin and the watch face.  The holes were too small for any leakage, thank heavens!   I've posted a step by step tutorial here

Link to tutorial
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Robbie said…
How cool....embeddeing in a bottle cap! I'm way behind this year due playing other stuff!! But I will finish 12 pieces at some point. At least I did good in 2010 and finished all 12!
Lola said…
Ooooh, I like them both!!!
Cherie Burbach said…
Wow, these are really gorgeous and they have my favorite color beads. (Not that I'm dropping a hint there. Or maybe I am! LOL)
They're beautiful, Cyndi! You come up with such clever solutions.

I think I must have missed a few months, so thanks for giving the links ;-)