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How to get your work featured on Beading Arts in 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!!

If you'd like to share a piece you've made, all you have to do is shoot me an email to cyndi @ mazeltovjewelry . com (remove the spaces). Please put beading arts image to share in the subject line. We love to read about things like what inspired you to make the piece and any challenges that you faced, so tell us a bit about yourself and the image that you're sending. Please size your image to 72 dpi resolution, and make it no wider than 600px. I'll gladly share your website and/or blog link along with your image and description.

If you'd like to consider sharing an in depth artist profile with us (see Artist Profiles for past examples), just put beading arts artist profile in the subject line. I'll send you the questions that I ask profiled artists to consider...I think you'll be able to tell from those questions whether or not you'll want to do a full profile. If it seems to be too much, you could simply send me an artist statement that covers what materials you like best and what inspires you, along with about 3 images you'd like to feature.

Do you have a favorite technique that you'd like to share in a tutorial?  You know we'd love to see beaders and jewelry-makers, we are always looking for new ideas.  If that's the case, use beading arts tutorial in the subject line and tell me briefly what you're thinking about sharing with us.

I'm always looking for new artists to promote and profile as well as established favorites! So please don't be shy...send me that query!

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Unknown said…
Oh, thank you Cyndi! I didn't know how you chose artists. I will be sending you an email...:)
Cyndi L said…
I would LOVE to show your work, Shirley!
Unknown said…
Hi Cyndi. I'm a fairly new designer and i'd be thrilled to show my work. I'm sure it's not nearly as good as some others but i'll give it a shot. I have a blog but only 1 follower(sad) but i'm new to blogging. My etsy store is almost going on 2 yrs and only 5 sales. Trying to find my niche.

Will def send you an email and image.
Cyndi L said…
Dawn, people of all skill levels are WELCOME to share their work here...we all learn together! Please do send me something :-)