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Bead embroidered paua shell centerpiece

Quite a number of years ago, my beading friend Ellen gave me a couple of pieces of paua shell that made great cabochons for the bead embroidered pieces that I was just learning to make.  I found a little picture of this piece waaaaay back on my blog, but realized that I had never posted the in-process pictures for it.  It seems like such a simple piece to me now, but I actually wear it quite a bit.  And I always think of Ellen!

All the instructions you will need to make a piece similar to this one can be found in the free first chapter of my bead embroidery e-book, Every Bead Has a Story.  Visit the link and download it for yourself: it covers all the stitches you'll need (back stitch, stack stitch, adding tube beads, and edging brick stitch), plus shows you how to finish off the back and edges, and even how to add a simple beaded strap. 

Here are my process photos for this necklace:

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Robbie said…
The shell is beautiful as is your end result!! Of course, I downloaded your ebook (and others!) but I forgot about this piece??? Very nice...
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Robbie! I don't think you forgot anything...I don't think that this piece is in any of the chapters :-)