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Stringing up a beaded bead necklace


Several years ago, I shared a tutorial for a simple way for a seed bead beginner to make beaded beads.  Looking back at it, I realized that I never really finished it up.  My photos were pretty bad back then, and I apologize in advance for that, but I think if you've never tried making a beaded bead...well, it's about time you started! 

There are dozens of places you can find directions to make more complicated beads once you've mastered these.  They are so simple that they're a great way to practice getting your tension right.  The original instructions for the beads are posted here: Peyote Stitched Beaded Beads   

So what do you do with the beads after you've finished them?  String them up into something you can wear!

10 mm light purple resin drum beads, 5
8/0 crystal aurora borealis seed beads
11/0 silver hex Delica seed beads
Nymo O white thread
G-S Hypo tube cement
.019” diameter beading wire, 2 ft
10 mm crystal aurora borealis faceted bicones, 6
6 mm pink tip drilled pearls, 12
3 mm sterling silver rounds, 24
2 mm sterling silver crimp tubes, 2
Sterling silver toggle set

Beading needles
Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers
Measuring tape
1. Cut a piece of beading wire and string on beaded beads, pearls, and 10 mm bicones, each separated by 3mm sterling silver rounds. 

2. Add additional 8/0 seed beads to each end until the necklace is almost as long as you want it. Add a crimp tube and another seed bead to each end. Take the wire through the toggle clasp parts, and back down through a couple of beads. Pull the wire snug and flatten the crimps

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