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Seed bead artist: Victoria Pearman


Artist: Victoria Pearman
Blog: Art N the Heart

Victoria sent me updates on the marvelous mixed media beadwork that she is doing these days.  Visit her blog for more up to the minute works!

BeBop (shown above). An anthropomorphic creature inspired by beader/artist Betsy Youngquist. BeBop was a stuffed bookworm that was transformed and now is bead embroidered and has a porcelain face made by a friend.

Diaboli diceri et apperebit (Latin for Speak of the Devil) features the combined efforts of my bead embroidery and lampworker, Wayne Robbins for the devil's head. While the devil is a dark subject, I added whimsy with the sneakers.

Baba. This is one of my 12 BJP (Robin Atkins') challenges. Baba was the result of a visit to the Tucson Rock and Gem show, African Village. We were trying to purchase some glass beads but could not locate the vendor. His friend kept screaming "Baba, Baba" which is Swahili for the word brother. Baba never showed up so I made a Baba in his honor. The colors used reflect those found in a African mud cloth design.

Egyptian motif. My beader friend was struggling trying to make this bead embroidered piece for herself. She had basically given up after several attempts when I offered to "get it started" for her. Well, one thing lead to another and pretty soon the piece was done! She received it as a surprise in January for her birthday!

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Miri Agassi said…
Baba is fantastic. Loooove it,,
Kattracks said…

You are one of the best! Love all of your work!