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Yay for everyone!!

But especially for Monique, Becca, and Paula!  Congratulations!  You three are the winners of the fabulous beads from The Best Beads in the Czech Republic.  Everyone else, you are going to receive a gift card from Ekaterina.  Isn't that great??


Thanks, Cyndi! Doin' the happy dance!
KayzKreationz said…
Thanks so much. This great.
becca said…
WOW! I just found the email!
I'm so excited. =)
Thank you!
DVArtist said…
Congratulations to your winners. I am looking forward to receiving the gift card. How wonderful is that!
Anonymous said…
Hello Cyndi and everybody!
I want to thank all of you! Thanks for your interesting to Czech beads, thanks for your fabulous opinions about our goods. I do appreciate it! I hope, it wasn't the last giveaway with Cyndi :)
I've sent gift cards for all participator yesterday. If somebody didn't receive it, please, let me know.
Cyndi L said…
I would definitely love to do this again, Ekaterina! Thank you so much for your generosity :-)