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Book review: I Can Herringbone

I told you awhile ago about a new series that Lark Books started, called the I Can series.  I shared my review with you about the first book, I Can Right Angle Weave, written by Mabeline Gidez (my review is here if you'd like to see it).  Now that I've received and read through the second book, I Can Herringbone, written by Melissa Grakowsky, my impression of this series is solidly positive.

Like the RAW book, this one is just full of photos and illustrations to show almost each and every single step in the basics and the projects.  The projects are beautiful, and I believe that Melissa has really worked hard to bring a wide range of styles to the volume, so that you'll get a very good idea of what herringbone is able to do.  Melissa fully covers flat herringbone and all its variations, tubular herringbone and all its variations, and as a bonus, you'll learn how to use herringbone to bezel stones...very very cool.  Work your way through the book in order, and you'll find that each new skill builds upon the ones before.  This is the very best way, I think, to really master a stitch!

Do you like to try before you buy?  Lark has generously made two projects available for you to download and try out...or maybe just drool over before you commit to getting the book.   

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