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Book reviews: New quilting and sewing books from Martingale

If you are interested in adding more quilting to your beading, or more beading to your quilting, but aren't sure where to start, Martingale publications are a good bet.  Each one has all the basic information you need to complete the projects that are included.  For example, all of them will teach you how to piece, quilt, and finish blocks, but each also includes its own specialty.

Animal Parade 2 by Cheri Leffler features adorable applique quilts for babies.  Ten complete projects include instruction on two applique methods and several embroidery stitches.

Primitive Style Folk Art Quilts and Other Finery by Jenifer Gaston goes beyond quilts to hooked rugs and other home decor.

Windy City Bags by Sara Lawson has twelve handbag and tote designs with easy-to-follow instructions

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Robbie said…
I like the looks of the Windy City Bags book! Thanks for giving us more ideas!