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Question of the month: What are your jewelry goals this summer?

It's reassessment time for me!  Time to look back at the goals I set back in January and to decide which ones to chew on this summer :-)  Want to join me in planning?

So far this year, I have taken a class and acquired a light box for photography.  I've been working on improving my jewelry photos, making a piece each month for the Bead Journal Project, and I've been continuing on my quest for a good balance between making and writing.  It's all been going pretty well.

Oops, I forgot about this goal:
Work on a book proposal.

If you follow along here regularly, you already know that I've written and released the first chapter of an e-book that has been in my mind for forever: Every Bead Has a Story.  So what happened to the book proposal?  I guess that has gone by the wayside.  Here's the thing...I don't want to end up becoming a slave to my goals, so I allow myself to rethink them as the year progresses.  That doesn't mean that I ignore them or forget about them.  If it seemed like a good idea, why doesn't it seem like one now?

In this case, it's because I've decided to approach the writing project in a different way.  I'm still doing it, but I'm not worrying about finding a publisher.  In some ways, I think it will be more accessible if I continue doing it as an e-book and release it chapter by chapter.  So that's what my summer goal is: to get another chunk of this project written and released!

How about you? Do you have any updates you'd like to share, along with links to your work? Leave your comment here below, or send me an image if there's a shot you'd like to share. Email cyndi @ (remove the spaces).

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Casey Sharpe said…
This summer I'd like to get enough pieces in my current body of work made and photographed, so I can start applying for a solo show and maybe even gallery representation!
These are the pieces I have in this body of work so far:
Well, you have a great idea with the book. chapter two is on my to do list. getting less done on vacation than I do when I work ~lol~

I am beading, that is an accomplishment for me anytime..but I also started a crazy quilt project which was on my January list of things to do this year so I am happy.

I am glad you are accomplishing some of your goals also.
Cyndi L said…
Those are wonderful, Casey, and I think that's a really good goal. Are you aiming for being ready by the fall?
Cyndi L said…
Carol, thanks so much! I want to see your crazy quilt...I'm coming over to your blog to see if you have any pictures posted ;-)
Heather said…
One of my goals is to make more Beads, beads and more beads to sell on Etsy and to open a second store to make a home for all those beads... I have so many ideas and just need to take the time to create them all. Summer here is very hot in the afternoons so I plan on using that time to create. My etsy shop is called "Aquariart", and I have a blog where you can see all the beads I have recently been making:
Jama said…
One of my goals is the same as Casey's - focus on getting additional gallery representation. I have a few places that sell my things in smaller venues, but I have an appt in Louisville this Thursday with a gallery and am taking a trip to Chicago this fall, so I'm working on getting my portfolio together (another goal).
Cyndi L said… wishes for your Thursday appointment! I know it's a matter of finding places where you "fit", but how could they not like your work?!
Shai Williams said…
My goal is to make enough jewelry to actually set up my Etsy shop. I have had it for years and never put anything into it. Luckily my muse has reawakened and I have remembered just how much I enjoy making a piece of jewelry while I am listening to a book thru my Ipod.
Cyndi L said…
Shaiha and everyone else...let me know when you've got your shops set up! I'd love to let everyone know :-)