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Surprise package #3 from Cherry Tree Beads!

You've got to pay a visit to Cherry Tree BeadsBill and BeBe Edwards, the owners, sent me so many wonderful beads to share with you that we have decided to give them away in smaller packages, and here comes package #3!


Here's what's in package #3 (shown above):
Peace sign - this is not online yet. Bill has sent it to the photographer to get professional shots of it. This is made from spent US military brass and cast into the peace sign. Cherry Tree Beads is working on getting this marketed nationwide to benefit our soldiers who are returning home from war with injuries.

Would you like to win it?  Just leave me a comment below and you'll automatically be entered to win.  If you tweet or post on Facebook or other social spots about the contest, you can leave a second comment and be entered twice!

Please make sure that your link will lead me to an email address, or else I won't be able to contact you.  No contact, no win, and I simply have to go on to the next person.  Deadline: May 10, 2011. 

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KayzKreationz said…
Would love to win this. They have some great things.

Shirley said…
Not only is that a lovely piece, I am thrilled that they are working on helping our soldiers. Awesome!!
Anonymous said…
I love this, I am off to tweet and will be back!
Anonymous said…
Tweet tweet.... love this contest
Lubna said…
Peace rocks.
Thanks for hosting this give away
Wow, lovely contest.Thanks for sharing it which is so attractive.
Noemi said…
This is impressive.
Please count me in.
Floy Height said…
Our injured soldiers need all the help we can give them.
Great pendant!
It's wonderful that cherry tree beads will be "giving back"
I'm sure to visit their website again. :)
I posted a link on my blog.
maybe I'll get some followers lol
I love the symbolism. I hope they are successful marketing it.
DM said…
Well, I am trying my luck !!!
JeannieK said…
I love the pendant and the words on it. They are very poignant, especially in the world we live in today.
Good Luck Everyone!
Anonymous said…
I love that this says Never Again. I so agree with that sentiment! I think a lot of other people can too. I posted a link here and my email addy is Ingrid[at]
Heather said…
Our son in law just returned from Afghanistan so even though he came home to us in one piece, thank God, I was moved to hear this piece will benefit our wounded soldiers. Count me in, please!
MoonRae said…
God bless Cherry Tree Beads for their generosity and giving back!!!
What a wonderful pendant and a wonderful cause to support!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway!!!