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Beading Arts celebrates Gemstones & Pearls month!

Lava - about as "semi-precious" as you can get!

I love gemstones and pearls!  Even though I'd love to work with "real" gemstones (read diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc), my budget mostly lends itself to semi-precious stones.  That's ok!  There are wonderful artists out there who use everything from humble river stones to finely cut diamonds.  The common denominator is that the work featured here at Beading Arts is artist designed and handmade, not mass-produced.

Do you work with gemstones or pearls?  Then I want to hear from you and have you share your work!  It doesn't matter if you do stringing, wire wrapping, embroidery, weaving, or something else entirely...we want to see what you've made.  Just email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) and let me know what you'd like to share...there's always room for more!  

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Sarah Sequins said…
Cyndi, that's an awesome necklace! <3
Cyndi L said…
Thanks so much!
Paul Bishop said…
My work is almost all gemstones. I'm still a little busy with certain life events. Hopefully I can get something to you later this month.
Julie@ Gem Bead said…
I really loved your design with gemstone beads. The necklace is so gorgeous and expressing your working idea very well. I really don't work because, I get it from any shop but I am inspired by you to start learning work for gemstone beads. Anyway, thanks for sharing.