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Crocheted bead bracelets

Regina Lord, an artist in Arizona, has filmed a tutorial for the cutest little crocheted bead bracelets.  If you enjoy crochet, I think you'll go wild for these.

Among other things, they work up so FAST it's amazing.  I strung and crocheted these four bracelets (there are two of the acrylic bead bracelets in that pile) over the course of two evenings of television viewing.  The perfect project for when you don't feel like concentrating.

The other reason I thought I'd bring it to your attention is because this could be a great way to use up shell and gemstone chips.  Since this is Gemstone and Pearl month, that seemed appropriate!  The irregular shape of chips can add a lot of interest to a simple bracelet, and think how great it would look to have a whole armful of them.  In the case of pearls or more expensive gemstones, this airy style will allow you to space them out and get more bang for your buck.  I should note here that I used C-Lon cord instead of the waxed linen thread that Regina recommends, so that accounts for the slight difference in look.

So thank you, Regina!  Besides viewing her video, you can also visit Regina on her blog Creative Kismet

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baymoondesign said…
I loved your tutorial and I learned the advantage of waxed linen. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I'm SO inspired by this! Your directions were clear and simple and anyone could follow. I can't wait to make bracelets for myself and some of my artsy friends who don't crochet! Thanks again! Cynthia S.
Shai Williams said…
Thanks for sharing this tutorial! What a great way to make up some quick bracelets.