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Jewelry artist: Liz Blanchflower

Sterling Beaded Necklace with sterling, jasper,
and ruby quartz hand formed pendant.

Liz Blanchflower
Stone & Sterling Design

I've been a jewelry lover all my life. I never understood the attraction of wearing the same jewelry as half the people on the planet, in the same way that I don't gravitate toward clothing and accessories with other people's names on them. I always go for original pieces, more artisan-like than production line in appearance and design. Possessing a fair degree of artistic ability, I eventually started exploring my own design skills with beading and then metalwork.

46 inch garnet and sterling lariat.  This necklace is worn long,
with a simple knot at the desired spot.

I've been designing and crafting my own jewelry for 10 years and started my jewelry business, Stone and Sterling Design, in 2007, followed by my ETSY store in 2008. After beading exclusively for three years, I decided to take some classes in metasmithing and got hooked! Creating forms in sterling and other metals are my love, but I always go back to the color and versatility of beads. I've recently created a number of designs in long gemstone and sterling lariats, and hope to perfect my bezel-setting techniques this summer with semi-precious faceted stones and freeform cabochons. I'm a high school Spanish teacher, so my summers provide precious long hours of working time in my workshop.

White coin pearl collar necklace framed by two strands of
sterling beads, with sterling box closure.

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