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Jewelry artist: Courtney D. Williams

She Walked the Plank with Grace and Poise

Courtney D. Williams
Seventh Cloud Studio

All of my work is completely original in every way—the designs are all my own, and are never recreated—so that each Seventh Cloud Studio piece is truly one-of-a-kind, something that no one else will ever own. Each time I sit down to work on jewelry is a new experience—so even when I’m working with the same stash of materials, I’m doing so with a different perspective and different inspirations. I could spread out the same beads and supplies each day, and come up with something unlike anything else I’ve ever designed or made.

Pachelbels Canon on the Electric Guitar
I love to use semi-precious stones, pearls, Hill Tribe silver, and vintage elements. When I repurpose an old brooch into a new pendant, or reuse vintage beads, I like to think about the piece’s history. Often I make up stories about it that influence the piece’s name and description. I’m also a writer, and strange as it sounds, my jewelry design and creation, and my writing and love of words and books are all related in my messy and tangled mind…I get to use my writing skills when naming and writing descriptions for my jewelry, and creating jewelry using color and texture is similar to me to composing words that also work well together and set each other off.

She was an American Girl

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