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Jewelry artist: Su Laing

Su Laing has been a professional creator for over twenty years. With a background in sequential story telling as well as design she has honed her talents on work from Marvel Comics to mainstream corporate packaging.

She founded Chronicle Stones as a selfish way to combine her little girl love of a fiction and shiny baubles. This has lead to creative gigs with many popular brands like the Playboy and Frederick’s of Hollywood as well as the mega star Hello Kitty.

Through Chronicle Stones, Su also unites unique and often one-of- a-kind materials to create custom personal ornaments, each with its own story for you to share and weave into your own personal memoir. Su believes jewelry is a language-a way to pass along history, feelings and values. It is a way to help express who you are or want to become, because your look tells your story so say something interesting!

With everything from gorgeous custom pieces to vintage inspired personal ornamentation, Chronicle Stones offers hand crafted jewelry that is exclusive to your story. Glamorously eclectic Urban Boho jewelry. We tell a tale of baubles classically rooted and modernly expressed.

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