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Jewelry artist: Haley Mindes

I hand craft accessories which can be viewed at I am also a jewelry design instructor at Sheffield School in NYC where I teach foundations like wire wrapping and bead stringing to beginners so they can get a line together to have their first show or open an etsy store. The courses are self-paced so they will fit anyone's schedule!

I started my business with a photo jewelry line in 2003 where I placed people's photos in settings I created. I have since moved into working with semi precious stones and leather cutting down some of the the use of silver and gold so pieces remain affordable. The rising cost of silver and gold had something to do with that decision but it has turned into a fantastic passion. The combinations of stones, leather and metal are endless.

I currently have many projects in the makings that are not yet on line such as my leather right angle weave bracelets. They are made from glass beads not semi precious stones or pearls so I did not include them [Editor's note...hopefully we'll be able to see them on Haley's site soon!]

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