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Jewelry artist: Marina Rybak

Marina Rybak 
Moon & Venus

The “Back To Earth” jewelry series was born on the rooftop garden of my Manhattan apartment. The joy of gardening in an urban environment invigorated my artistic expression and passion for delicate detail, which has its background in lingerie design. Once I had reengaged the artisan within me, it was natural to integrate my design knowledge with my jewelry concepts. Liberated by creating organically and intuitively, the intricate trimmings from lingerie transformed themselves onto a mix of wire, semiprecious beads, nuggets, and pearls.

Each custom-made-piece, takes me on a journey that includes storytelling, meditation and immersing myself in an invisible world of rich poetic imagery that gives me a message that I include with each original creation. My wish is to facilitate the growth and transformation of the future owner simply by wearing my art. “Back To Earth” jewelry has expanded into an international market asking me to enter a new creative phase of expression and expansion.

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A Cosmic View said…
What beautiful jewelry. Loved the article on earth and jewels. Linda Stolw
BluMoon said…
These pieces are lovely I like the inspiration!