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Jewelry artist: Elena Kriegner

Austrian-born and trained at the prestigious European Jewelry Design School, Elena Kriegner knew she wanted to become a 'jewelry maker' at the age of six, creating her first pieces by ten and attaining her Masters degree by nineteen. Elena specialized in creating one-of-a-kind signature pieces for private clientele from her Austrian workshop for fourteen years. During this time, she traveled to South Africa to work with gemstone lapidaries, and to Greece to teach a jewelry design workshop. She also frequented New York City to visit her sister and indulge her love of fashion. In 2002 Elena moved onto a sailboat, sailing from northern Italy, and crossing the Mediterranean and Atlantic to the Caribbean. Designing while onboard, she incorporated inspiration from her travels into her jewelry.

Elena now creates exquisite pieces from her Chelsea studio.  The beautiful pieces at the top are from her South Sea Pearl Collection.  Elena can be contacted at the email link above, or at her studio by appointment: 231 West 29th Street, Suite 1204, NYC 10001

On pearls, Elena says, “The beauty and elegance of a South Sea pearl is only fully evident when you hold the original in your hand. It literally hurts me to see holes drilled into these wonders of nature, created in the ocean by an irritated oyster. I want to be able to wear themas they are, beautiful, perfect and untouched.”

Elena Kriegner has developed an exquisite collection of earrings, rings and pendants in which classic, undrilled pearls can be interchanged to match your taste. A selection of pearl colors is available in white, champagne, brown or black colors. Whether you wear them for fashion, as an amulet for a long life or as a gift from a loved one, each piece in the South Sea Pearl collection illuminates elegance on its wearer.

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