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Jewelry artist: Kat Douglas

Washoe Kat's Creations

Look at this beauty: charoite (one of my favorite semi-precious stones!) framed by glorious free form peyote.  I want Kat to give me lessons!

And I can't help sharing this piece with you, even though it's NOT's a broken ceramic bowl.  How clever is that?

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BluMoon said…
What fantastic talent these are so beautiful I especially like the purple necklace!
Unknown said…
Wow, thank-you. I thought my creations were going to be part of a larger post of using sem-precious stones. Me, a Featured Artists? Whoo Hooo!
Sarah Sequins said…
Wow, Kat's work is beautiful! I'm excited to find someone else who enjoys combining bead embroidery with freeform, too. :)