Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perlen Poesie

In the world of non-English language journals about beads and beading, Perlen Poesie stands apart. It is so beautiful, both inside and out, and the editor, Verena Greene-Christ, is a complete delight to work with. She recently contacted me for more information on the necklace that I made using Rubber Glass. We ended up chatting about this and that, and Verena asked me about reviewing my e-book Every Bead Has a Story on Perlen Poesie. Well, I was thrilled to have the opportunity, and I sent her copies of all the chapters.  Perlen Poesie will be doing a giveaway this month, so if you are a subscriber, please stay tuned...

I don't read German, but my translator says that Every Bead Has a Story has been identified as an extensive collection on embroidery, using beads and other materials, covering 53 different techniques and stitches, and featuring 12 projects. Thank you for including my e-book in your beautiful magazine, Verena!

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DVArtist said...

Congratulations!!! A wonderful tribute to you.

Cyndi L said...

Thank you Nicole! It was an honor :-)

Robbie said...

How cool is this!!! Congrats! It is a well deserved honor!

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